About Certification Board on Telugu Culture (CBTC)


About Certification Board on Telugu Culture (CBTC)

"The Certification Board on Telugu Culture", Magna Carta Foundation, Hyderabad is an organization of Experts in various fields to oversee the dynamic changes in Telugu Tradition and Telugu Culture. 

Objectives of the Organization

1. To strengthen the core idea of Telugu Tradition and Telugu Culture in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. 
2. To oversee all digital, print, movies, TV and other media sources and prepare consensus statements and strong guidelines. 

The organization not only tries to enforce strict rules for the content creators (Movies, TV, Print, Digital, Government etc..), it also focus on the viewers and creates a very strict environment, where viewers will also be punished, if any deviation is present. 

Certification Board on Telugu Culture (CBTC) is a modern Institution to enforce age old traditions and customs in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The organization functions as an ultra modern institution of 21st century by maintaining all standards but mainly focus on pushing people towards protecting age old traditions. 

Anybody interested to contribute can fill the below form. The membership is not free and as all modern International Organizations which take yearly membership, we at Certification Board on Telugu Culture (CBTC) for the first two years plan to take Life Membership. 

Initially we need so much support for fight against everything against Telugu culture and Telugu tradition. Donations were also welcomed. 

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